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Tweet Adder Review: How Efficient Is This Twitter Tool?

Since Twitter is one of the biggest and most active social networks today, many use it to promote products and eventually gain more popularity. The problem is that it is often tough and sometimes impossible to interact directly with Twitter followers. This is what TweetAdder helps solve. You are probably asking, “What is Tweet Adder?” Tweet Adder has been one of the most talked about tools for the social network website Twitter especially for online marketers like me. You will find this so handy because it automates the process of accumulating followers into your network.

Tweet Adder Review

Earlier versions of the social media used API. There was a limit in the number of updates that I could post in an hour. This can be frustrating since I always have a lot of things to say to my followers. Thankfully, Tweet Adder 3 bypasses the issue so as I continue to use the tool, never did Twitter tell me again that I had to wait for a few moments before I can post and use other third party applications. The feature that I really like is the tool’s ability to manage multiple accounts. I do not need to open several Twitter windows, which was required before the update. I have more than one Twitter account so this is very useful especially when saving time and even my computer resources.

This automation tool is truly effective since I only need to check my Twitter window once a day to learn about my progress. This tool gives me faster and easier way to preset my promotion and marketing projects. There are so many things that it allows me to do including searching for Twitter users in any part of the world, full menu for following and un-following, history of following and followers, current and previous trends in Twitter, and automated tweeting and direct messaging among others.

Case Study: Does Tweet Adder Really Help?

A few years back, I never really preferred automation in Twitter. However, I realized that this is actually a better option as my online business started to thrive. If you are like me and you use Twitter, you also want to get more followers and potentially earn bigger profits. You are probably wondering why there is a need to have more followers. Over the years I have learned that the number is an indicator. As I obtain more followers, my website gets more traffic which then turns into money.

Tweet Adder gives you the capacity to follow people automatically but not just any random following procedure. It allows you to do so in a targeted manner. For instance, your main target includes other business people. You can follow them and get their posts in your timeline by simply providing a specific keyword for the tool to search.

Maximizing Your Use of Tweet Adder

If you do not know how to use Tweet Adder, you should first get a copy of the tool. This is not a free program though, which is perhaps the only disadvantage of the software. Nevertheless, if you purchase it, you will find that it is actually valuable for you. Be on the lookout for a Tweet Adder discount, which is possible if you have a coupon code like HOTDEAL. You will need a license for every account you manage so the discounts are worth it. As mentioned, there are many functions of the tool but to make the most of the benefits, I recommend you use these functions: automatic reply, RSS feeds to Twitter, automatic mentions and messages, and following and un-following features.

Ever since I started using Tweet Adder, I have experienced a huge increase in my followers. The best thing about this is that I only need to spend 5-10 minutes on it daily and I can focus on other tasks such as blogging and making more money online.